Suicide Squad remakes rumor silly

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But, the New Movie suicide squad trailer showcased a new direction DC may have taken.
By Kristy Douglas | Jun 13, 2016
DC has an uncanny reputation of making dark movies. It started off with the Batman franchise and spread to the Man of Steel movies as well. But, the New Movie suicide squad trailer showcased a new direction DC may have taken.

In the newest trailer, the movie showcased a lighter humorous side. After great reception from the audience, there was a rumor that the film would be reworked on to have more humor in it. The director of the film David Ayer is especially happy with the reception of the trailer.

He has come out on Twitter to state that the movie was not going to undergo any remakes. "Reshoots for humor is silly. When a studio loves your movie and asks what else you want, go for it," he said. The movie is set to be released later this year as the second DC movie of the year after Batman Vs. Superman.

DC has put a new twist in this movie; it features the most famous and bizarre villains from the comic books' history. Dead Shot is played by Wills Smith and is the leader of the squad. He and Captain Boomerang have had a rivalry since the comic book days as to who has better accuracy and this would make the already intense and back stabbing situation even more intense.

Perhaps the biggest thing to look forward to is the induction of the Joker, who is arguably Batman's greatest enemy into the squad. He traditionally works alone. Even with the humor to expect, you will find the traditional dark side of DC movies well embedded.


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