The Hunter's Moon to appear full on Friday

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The full Hunter's Moon is set to rise in the early hours of Saturday October, 16.
By Sam Klein | Nov 03, 2016
The full Hunter's Moon is set to rise in the early hours of Saturday October, 16.

The Hunter's Moon follows the Harvest Moon of September, which has traditionally appeared at the start of the autumn equinox. The Hunter's Moon gets its name from it appearing at a time of year traditionally used by hunters to stock up for the coming winter months. The term Hunter's Moon is used predominantly in the Northern Hemisphere, where deer are fattened in October.

According to calculations, the full October moon will appear at exactly 0423 Greenwich Mean Time on Saturday morning. It will also appear full to the naked eye on Friday October, 15.

The Hunter's Moon this year will take place when the Earth moon is at its closest to the planet Earth, a point that is known as the perigee. The occurrence of The Hunter's Moon appearing full at its perigee has many calling it a supermoon. Supermoon, according to the Slooh Community Observatory, which implements the use of telescopes in such disparate places as Spain and Chile, is a term used once every year to refer to the full moon that is spatially closest to the Earth while in orbit.

Slooh will offer a live broadcast of the Hunter's Moon appearance on Saturday. The Old Farmer's Almanac has been reported to be collaborating with Slooh in the event. During the broadcast, viewers will be educated on facts and history regarding the full Hunter's Moon and supermoons in general.


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