The Zika virus hits the US

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The student is said to have shown symptoms that indicate the presence of the virus.
By David Sims | Feb 13, 2016
The Zika virus has been prevalent over the past few months in Asia and South American countries. The disease is detrimental to women and causes deaths to the infant or causes the irregularly shaped head to children. However, the disease has never been this deadly or this severe before. The new critical attributes are associated with a newly evolved strain of the virus believed to have come from Brazil.
The Zika virus had not been diagnosed in the US until a student from the College of William and Mary traveled to Central America and contacted the virus. The student is said to have shown symptoms that indicate the presence of the virus. He had an acute fever, an itchy red rash and joint pains.
However, early diagnosis and detection of the disease helped in preventing any further spread. The student is recovering well at a hospital in Virginia. "The student is recovering well from the ordeal." Said hospital personnel, "there is nothing to fear of any potential outbreak at this moment."
Experts believe that The Olympics,which are to be held in Brazil later this year is the perfect avenue for the spread of the virus. The US will need to set up their disease parameters even stronger from now on. Structure measures will be established to ensure the disease is better managed.


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