Tim Cook explains meeting with Donald Trump

Apple CEO Tim Cook explained to employees why he met with U.S. President Elect Donald Trump.
By Carmelo Sheppard | Dec 19, 2016
Apple CEO Tim Cook explained to employees why he met with U.S. President Elect Donald Trump.

Cook, along with multiple other tech giants in the United States of America, has been at odds with many of the policies that have been put forth by Trump. Multiple tech giants also refused to take part in helping the Trump administration compile a Muslim American registry. Cook, along withSheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Larry Page of Google, Satya Nadella of Microsoft and others, met with Trump during a round table of tech powers and the Trump transitional administration.

"It's very important," responded Cook to questions as to why he met with Trump. "Governments can affect our ability to do what we do. They can affect it in positive ways and they can affect in not so positive ways. What we do is focus on the policies. Some of our key areas of focus are on privacy andsecurity, education. They're on advocating for human rights for everyone, and expanding the definition of human rights. They're on the environment and really combating climate change, something we do by running our business on 100percent renewable energy."

Cook also wrote about how not meeting with Trump, whether he agreed with his policies or not, did not sit well with hispersonal ideology.

"Personally, I've never found being on the sideline a successful place to be," writes Cook. "The way that you influence these issues is to be in the arena.


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