Trump claims credit for new jobs in the US

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U.S. President Elect Donald J. Trump is taking credit for new job announcements from major corporations.
By Alex Bourque | Dec 28, 2016
U.S. President Elect Donald J. Trump is taking credit for new job announcements from major corporations.

"I was just called by the head people at Sprint, and they are going to be bringing 5, 000 jobs back to the United States, " said Trump to reporters at theMar-a-Lago estate in Florida on Wednesday. "They have taken them from other countries. They are bringing them back to the United States."

On Wednesday, President Elect Trump met with the chief executive of SoftBank in Japan, Masayoshi Son. SoftBank announced that it would create 50,000 jobs in the United States of America by investing $50 billion. SoftBank owns a controlling stake in mobile phone carrier, Sprint, and is also an investor in OneWeb, a satellite startup. Trump claimed that the decisions by Sprint and SoftBank were simply him delivering on his promise to bring corporate sector jobs back to the U.S. by creating incentives for companies to create domestic jobs rather than moving positions to other countries.

"We are excited to work with President-elect Trump and his administration to do our part to drive economic growth and create jobs in the U.S.," said Marcelo Claure, chief executive at Sprint. "We believe it is critical for business and government to partner together to create more job opportunities in the U.S. and ensure prosperity for all Americans."

Some are questioning whether Trump had anything to do with the newly promised jobs and the SoftBank $50 billion investments. There were reports that both were planned before the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election was decided. Mr. Son has owned a controlling stake in multiple companies, including Sprint, for several years.


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