Trump insists he is the reason Ford Manufacturing plant is still in Kentucky

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There were early fears that Ford manufacturing plant would pull out of Kentucky and relocate to Mexico.
By Alex Bourque | Nov 20, 2016
There were early fears that Ford manufacturing plant would pull out of Kentucky and relocate to Mexico. With one of Trump's pillars being bringing jobs back to America and Kentucky one of his biggest supporters, it would be very ironical if this came to completion.

H0wever Ford recently released an official statement explaining that they were planning to move only planning to move the MKC section of their manufacturing plant. Ford also acknowledged that this relocation was part of the 2015 negotiations with UAW.

Ford representatives did say however that some credit should be given to Trump for proposing terms that would better allow their business to thrive in Kentucky.

"We continue to engage with President-elect Trump's team - and the new Congress - as they shape the policy agenda for 2017'" said Ford in their official statement. "We have shared our commitment to continue investing in the U.S. and creating American jobs - building on the $12 billion we have invested in our U.S. plants and the nearly 28,000 U.S. jobs Ford has set up in the past five years."

Ford is one of the only American Companies that have resisted outsourcing their labor and their plants to other countries. Many manufacturing companies manufacture their products in Asia and ship them back to the US.

The companies have estimated that they can save up to half the cost of producing in the US without sourcing. This has led to a tremendous drop in GDP in the US over the past decade; something Trump says is his priority to change.


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