Uber charges woman $28,000 for one ride

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Uber charged a Philadelphia woman over $28,000 for one ride.
By Adam Widmer | Dec 20, 2016
Uber charged a Philadelphia woman over $28, 000 for one ride.

The woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, was charged $28,639.14 for her ride to be exact. According to Philly.com, the bank servicing this particular woman did not allow the transaction to occur because it was concerned about the unusually high price. Uber has claimed that the price was not accurate, but was due to a computer glitch. A hold was placed on the bank account that the woman had connected to her Uber account for the over $28,000 ticket. Uber then e-mailed her in order to warn her that her financial information might have been hacked. Approximately a week later, the Uber engineering team sent her another e-mail, explaining that a computer glitch had occurred and that it was working to fix the glitch.

When initially hearing about the glitched prices, many believed it was merely an infamous Uber surge price, which has been maligned on all fronts. Uber refuted any notion that the price was accurate but in a correspondence with Philly.com, Uber admitted that this was not the only occurrence of someone being overcharged. According to Uber, a handful of other customers were also overcharged due to the glitch. Uber has refused to release the exact number of users that were affected by the malfunction. Uber eventually fixed the problem for the particular woman and her $28,639.14 charge was rescinded. The company says engineers are putting efforts towards ensuring that this mishap does not affect future users.


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