Uber launches redesigned logo

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Uber, the transportation startup valued at $65 billion, has launched a massive redesign with a new logo and localized color schemes.
By Adam Widmer | Feb 25, 2016
Uber users opening their phones today expecting the ubiquitous black and grey logo may be searching their apps in confusion. Today marks a significant rebranding by the ride-hailing company. Uber is one of the most recent Silicon Valley unicorns that allows users to hail a ride from a nearby car with the flick of a finger. What began as a luxury brand for Silicon Valley millennial millionaires has turned into a global ride-sharing app that includes further iterations such as UberX, UberCommute, and UberPool.

Uber has spread from San Francisco to 400 cities in 65 countries and almost two-thirds of its 6,000 or so people have been with the company less than one year. Despite being a global brand, Uber's local marketplaces differ wildly the Mumbai market would be very different from the San Francisco one. To reflect this diverse and localized marketplace in their design, Uber has come out with individualized color schemes and logos that differ for riders, drivers, and by area. The new logo of a circle with a square inside will be used worldwide for users but will have a different color scheme in each of the 68 countries that the company operates in.

"[Uber is] a transportation network, woven into the fabric of cities and how they move. To bring out this human sidewe've added colors and patterns," Uber CEO Travis Kalanick wrote in a blog post launching the redesign.

Despite the massive rebranding and attempt to give Uber a more personalized brand, initial reactions have been disappointing. Initial Twitter reactions have declared the new logo more confusing than the simple 'U' of the previous logo. Others have said that the new look won't make Uber-users out of people who challenge their business practices. Uber has been riled in controversy over paying drivers less despite being one of the most valuable startups in the world with a valuation of $65 billion.


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