Uber to roll out new driver benefits

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This has led to a string of expensive lawsuits from the drivers.
By Billy Kirk | Jun 09, 2016
Uber is considered as the biggest revenue sharing enterprise in the world. The rise and rise of Uber has been remarkable. It is now found in almost every major city in the world. However, Uber has somewhat over focused on the consumer and forgotten the drivers. This has led to a string of expensive lawsuits from the drivers. But they are now on the road to rectifying their relationship with the drivers.

Uber is in the pilot phase of rolling out driver apps that are more suited for their needs. The apps will make clients pay a fine if they make the driver wait too long. The app will allow the employees to switch off their app momentarily without the customer knowing thus avoiding a low rating. The driver clients will also only be able to see drivers that are on their route making it convenient for them.

Uber has already launched the beta stage of the app in the major cities. "In the towns where we've been testing this, we've seen that riders are more likely to be prompt," Uber says. "We are hoping to roll it out in the other main cities really soon. It will be beneficial to all parties involved in the Uber community."

However, Uber insist that they are not just improving the conditions because of the lawsuits. They genuinely want to make the conditions for their drivers better. They have even given the GoBank debit cards to receive payments directly. Uber is also offering car loans through the same banks to allow their drivers to develop themselves.


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