US approves Moon Express spacecraft to land on the moon

If it is successful, the company will be awarded $20 million courtesy of Google.
By Ian Marsh | Aug 14, 2016
Recent actions by Moon Express, a non-governmental organization, could see the company be the first to land a robotic spacecraft to the moon come next year. This comes after it was given approval by US federal officials.

The company made the official announcement on Wednesday morning, adding that it was in the 2017 planned lunar mission. It was a great step. Previous companies have only traveled within the Earth's orbit.
"With this landmark ruling, Moon Express has become the first private company approved to go literally out of this world as a pioneer of commercial space missions beyond the Earth's orbit," the commercial organization stated on their website.

The company made the request in April and was approved on 20 July by the Federal Aviation Administration. "We will continue to work with the commercial space industry to provide support for non-traditional missions on a case-by-case basis," the FAA said. Moon Express is one of 16 companies that aims to be the first to land on the moon. If it is successful, the company will be awarded $20 million courtesy of Google.

The award better known as 'lunar X prize' is a reward to the company which will be first to land a robot on the moon without assistance from public support. Of all the 16 organizations, three of them are based in the USA and are in the running to be the first to make History. However, Moon Express is the only organization which has received approval.


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