Wanted man who sent police a selfie to replace his mug shot arrested

A wanted criminal who did not approve of his mugshot sent police a more flattering selfie. The attention garnered by this brazen act ultimately ended in his arrest.
By David Sims | Jul 13, 2016
Police in Lima, Ohio, were on the hunt for a wanted man. To aid in their investigation, police released to their public Facebook page the mug shot of Donald "Chip" Pugh, who was wanted for skipping out on his court date after a DUI arrest. According to Lima police, he is also a "person of interest" in several other cases including vandalism and arson.

According to CBS News, after seeing his mug shot posted on social media, Pugh brazenlysent the Lima police a selfie, saying, "here is a better photo that one is terrible." With some presumed irony, Lima policed then updated Pugh's image on their Facebook post, along with his message about his photo. This bizarre Facebook interaction went viral, gaining the case nationwide attention, with thousands of people viewing Pugh's selfie and mugshot. Pugh's sudden notoriety ultimately led to a call to a crime tip line, which led to his arrest near Pensacola in Century, Florida,according to Escambia County, Florida Sheriff's Office

After he was taken into custody, officers issued a statement on the Lima police Facebook page, crediting his arrest to "the power of social media and tips called in to authorities." The Escambia County Sheriff's Office then posted his new Florida mugshot on their Facebook page, joking, "How's this photoDonald Pugh? Maybe that selfie helped people identify you better? #thankfortheselfie."

Pugh is currently being held in Florida for additional charges. Criminals, take note- as George Sand once said, "Vanity is the quicksand of reason."


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