A medical first: Brain damage reversed in child who drowned
A medical first: Brain damage reversed in child who drowned
Cliff Mooneyham - 21 hours ago
In February 2016, two-year-old Eden Carlson made it through a baby gate and toppled into the family swimming pool. She was submerged in the cold water for as long as 15 minutes before being found, according to a Newsweek report.
Harry Marcolis - 21 hours ago
Although the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages across the land in 2015, Davis refused to recognize the ruling for religious reasons and stopped issuing marriage licenses.
Alex Bourque - Jul 18, 2017
In a turnaround from the policies of President Barack Obama, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is taking a second look at the way college campuses handle accusations of sexual assault.
James Smith - Jul 18, 2017
Trump said nothing of Xiaobo, whom news reports announced shortly before had died while in the custody of China's security services.
Harry Marcolis - Jul 17, 2017
Slater says the British copyright he has for the images was lawfully obtained and should be honored.
Billy Kirk - Jul 02, 2017
Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have condemned Trump's tweets as unpresidential and misogynistic.
Jose Jefferies - Jun 28, 2017
In a 7-2 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to California's limits on carrying concealed firearms in public.
Mae Owen - Jun 27, 2017
Harris drives a 200-square-foot Laundry Truck around the city three times a week and takes in homeless residents' dirty laundry at stops along the route.
Josh Curlee - Jun 27, 2017
The officers forcibly stopped anyone who tried to pass the blockade or unfurl a rainbow flag.
Mae Owen - Jun 27, 2017
A federal grant program that fights violent extremist movements can no longer make fighting neo-nazi and far-right hate groups part of its mission.
Jose Jefferies - Jun 24, 2017
The study authors found that sons of older fathers tend to be more intelligent also more focused on what interests them and less concerned with fitting in with other kids.
Kara Menard - Jun 23, 2017
A marketing firm accidentally blew open the personal data of nearly 200 million Americans, or around 62% if the entire U.S. population.
Vicky Webb - Jun 16, 2017
The Transportation department reported 1,909 complaints for April 2017. There were only 1,123 in Apri last year.
Jason Spencer - Jun 13, 2017
Qatar is a significant exporter of oil and natural gas, but it imports 80% of its food from its Gulf Arab neighbors.
Harry Marcolis - Jun 09, 2017
But when A-Rod and Jennifer Lopez, 47, became a couple in early 2017, the woman began upping the ante, the report said, demanding larger and larger amounts of money for her silence.
Ian Marsh - Jun 05, 2017
The analysts observed 17 of the leading VC firms and compared their rates of funding women-owned companies.
Jeremy Morrow - Jun 05, 2017
The study surveyed venture capitalists and found that those who had daughters have more consistently brought female job applicants on board.
Cliff Mooneyham - May 04, 2017
The same applies to males displaying their muscles to get attention from members of the opposite sex.
Adam Widmer - May 02, 2017
The allegation was reported The Australian, which obtained the internal documents from Facebook.
Aaron Sims - Apr 17, 2017
Facebook on Friday revealed it disrupted an international fake accounts operation.
Aaron Sims - Mar 31, 2017
During four experiments, the subjects were made to feel socially isolated, while the scientists monitored their responses.
Jeremy Morrow - Mar 10, 2017
According to the researchers, music is being squeezed out because of pressure on students to take subjects included in the EBacc school league table measure.
Clint Huston - Feb 22, 2017
The report of the break-in came on the same day that the White House denounced 11 bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers that were reported Monday morning.
Carmelo Sheppard - Feb 12, 2017
KKK Imperial Wizard, Frank Ancona, was found dead on Saturday in Belgrade, Missouri.
James Carlin - Feb 11, 2017
More than one hundred people have been killed and scores of others injured in the Brazilian City of Vitoria after military and police officers went on strike, demanding better pay and benefits.
Dirk Trudeau - Feb 09, 2017
Despite all the criticism, Beyonce's career is doing well, and with her husband, Jay Z, have a net worth of around $1 billion.
Dirk Trudeau - Feb 08, 2017
On February 7th three Federal Judges sat to listen to arguments in the Washington versus Trump matter.
James Carlin - Feb 08, 2017
Branson offered Obama a challenge to learn how to kite surf while he took up a challenge of his own, just to keep things interesting.
Cliff Mooneyham - Feb 08, 2017
An amicus brief by almost 126 companies was filed on Sunday in the ninth circuit court of appeals and emphasizes the role of immigrants and refugees in the society and to the economy.
Billy Kirk - Feb 03, 2017
The announcement almost brought the internet to a standstill as Beyonce posted photos showing her pronounced baby bump.
Tyler Henderson - Jan 31, 2017
Affleck will remain as the Executive Director, though, and it's now up to Warner Bros to look for a replacement Director.
Jeremy Morrow - Jan 31, 2017
The researchers sampled 12-year-olds from 77 families that had at least a pet and a child per family.
Jason Spencer - Jan 27, 2017
Facebook and Chrome then had to come together and have been working together for over two years secretly to establish a faster more streamlined system.
Vicky Webb - Jan 13, 2017
The other vowels are "aw" sound, an "ih" sound and an "uh," which make up the basis of the baboon language.
James Smith - Jan 11, 2017
All of the 12 jurors, two women, and ten men, came back with a unanimous decision that Dylann Roof should be sentenced to death on all eight charges against him.
Dirk Trudeau - Dec 30, 2016
Tracy Williams - Dec 16, 2016
Adam Widmer - Oct 25, 2016
A new feature on the GoPro Hero has people talking.
Adam Widmer - Oct 25, 2016
Griffin broke his hand in the fight, putting him out of commission for longer.
Adam Widmer - Oct 25, 2016
Kesha is in the middle of trying to get out of a recording contract.
Lucas Rowe - Oct 17, 2016
The Olympic sprinter's daughter was shot.
James Carlin - Jul 20, 2017
The symptoms reported by customers are consistent with the highly contagious norovirus, Chipotle's head of food safety, Jim Marsden, told NBC News.
Jeremy Morrow - Jul 18, 2017
A second suspect, 20-year-old Sean Kratz of Philadelphia, has been charged in the grisly homicide deaths of four young Pennsylvania men.
Aaron Sims - Jul 18, 2017
Judge Watson also ruled that a prospective refugee who has a commitment from a resettlement agency in the U.S.
David Sims - Jul 03, 2017
In a decision issued Friday, a Republican-dominated Texas Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples are not entitled to the same government spousal benefits as opposite-sex couples.
James Smith - Jun 30, 2017
Perez has been charged with second-degree manslaughter and could face up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of $20,000.
James Carlin - Jun 30, 2017
Judy Malinowski, a 33-year-old mother of two daughters, has died losing her struggle to hang on after her ex-boyfriend drenched her in gasoline and set her alight two years ago.
Dirk Trudeau - Jun 30, 2017
Bryant's husband Roy and his half-brother J.W. Milam were acquitted in the murder by an all-white jury.
Kara Menard - Jun 28, 2017
A Colorado cake-shop owner who was found guilty of discrimination over his refusal to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple is taking his case to the Supreme Court.
Clint Huston - Jun 19, 2017
Oregon has become the first state in the nation to offer a third gender option on state identification cards.
Jason Spencer - Jun 16, 2017
Jeffs is the brother of Warren Jeffs, who currently is serving a life sentence for sexually assaulting his underage wives.
Harry Marcolis - Jun 15, 2017
After three years, a fraternity associated with the University of Virginia has agreed to accept $1.65 million from Rolling Stone magazine .
David Sims - Jun 09, 2017
The case became a public sensation after the documentary series 'Making a Murderer' aired on Netflix.
James Carlin - May 29, 2017
Laptops in carry-on luggage have been off-limits for incoming flights from the Middle East and northern Africa since March. This latest proposal would extend the ban to flights to and from Europe, as well.
Ian Marsh - May 19, 2017
The European Commission said that the social media company inaccurately claimed it would be unable to combine user data between the two companies' accounts.
Harry Marcolis - May 17, 2017
Lavinia Woodward swiped at her lover with the knife, before stabbing him in the leg.
Cliff Mooneyham - May 15, 2017
Participants chose the picture of the partner as the one that was most similar to the brother 27 percent of the time, which is only s bit higher than random chance.
Jeremy Morrow - May 04, 2017
Scientists believe that there are five main personality traits: openness, extroversion, neuroticism, agreeableness and conscientiousness.
Alex Bourque - Apr 30, 2017
The United States military is exploring ways of hacking the human brain to enhance soldiers' cognitive abilities.
Tobi Gerdes - Apr 21, 2017
Science and religion do not always see eye-to-eye, but they have now joined forces to uncover new details about Jesus and his descendants.
Josh Curlee - Apr 18, 2017
A new study says that self-proclaimed sex addicts may find it hard to secure and maintain romantic relationships.
Vicky Webb - Apr 01, 2017
WPP CEO Martin Sorrell said on Friday that Facebook and Google must take responsibility and remove extremist content on their platforms.
Wilson Soto - Mar 21, 2017
The LGBT community faces discrimination in the workplace due to the sound of their voice, new study says.
Billy Kirk - Mar 09, 2017
Google has moved past the planning stage for its futuristic new campus after receiving critical approvals from the Mountain View City Council on Tuesday.
Vicky Webb - Feb 13, 2017
Concerns have been raised by Immigration Rights Activists over the weekend raids by Immigration enforcement officials over the weekend.
James Carlin - Feb 13, 2017
Adele swept top honors at the 59th Grammy Award, on a night she shared with Beyonce.
Ian Marsh - Feb 02, 2017
With the new video tab that has already been rolled out to Facebook users in the US, Zuckerberg believes it will change the way people view videos on Facebook.
Clint Huston - Jan 30, 2017
A blond, attractive, but dumb girl who is used to getting her way.
Vicky Webb - Jan 19, 2017
Donald Trump's Twitter account is the most powerful news media at the moment.
David Sims - Jan 10, 2017
This is odd because Trump had once said that Streep is one of the best actresses he had ever known only a few years ago.
Adam Widmer - Oct 25, 2016
The album was released on the Tidal music service, prompting many people to seek it out on pirating sites.
Harry Marcolis - Aug 14, 2016
His comments were not taken lightly by the LGBT community and many accused him of attention seeking.
Aaron Sims - Aug 14, 2016
However, an argument that the drug does not have the intoxication levels to be illegal has been cropping up.
Aaron Sims - Aug 14, 2016
A video from a smartphone went viral when it recorded the police pushing Alton Sterling onto the hood of the car.
Paul Pate - Aug 14, 2016
GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, left an Ohio rally with some memorable quotes.
Ian Marsh - Aug 14, 2016
Aaron Sims - Aug 14, 2016
President Obama has time and again stated how disheartened every time there is a police shooting.
Aaron Sims - Aug 14, 2016
The gunmen threatened that they had placed bombs all over the city.
Alex Bourque - Aug 14, 2016
Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, Massachusetts) is continuing her war of words with Donald Trump.
David Sims - Jul 13, 2016
A wanted criminal who did not approve of his mugshot sent police a more flattering selfie. The attention garnered by this brazen act ultimately ended in his arrest.
David Sims - Jul 02, 2016
An 18 year old student revealed the different Google search results for "Three black teenagers" and "three white teenagers."
Harry Marcolis - Jun 13, 2016
Chief Executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, met with powerful right wing conservatives May 18, 2016 to discuss their concerns of liberal bias on the part of Facebook.
Aaron Sims - Jun 13, 2016
Multiple Grammy Award winning artist, Lauryn Hill, has caused a stir by being two hours late to a May 2016 Atlanta, Georgia show.
Aaron Sims - Jun 13, 2016
An uber popular Twitter campaign has Disney fans asking producers to variegate the Disney Princesses even further, this time calling for a lesbian Princess Elsa in the Frozen sequel.
Kristy Douglas - Jun 13, 2016
The author revealed that The Game of Thrones had one or two seasons left to end.
Harry Marcolis - Jun 13, 2016
As if the events of the hijacking were not strange enough, a Briton, Ben Innes added a new twist to the story by taking a photo with the bomber.
Harry Marcolis - Jun 13, 2016
The saddest part about the situation is that the family was coming from their father's burial at Iles-de-la-Madeleine.
Harry Marcolis - Jun 13, 2016
With the company's whole model based on the people who visit it, having good encryption with poor usability would be redundant.
Harry Marcolis - Jun 13, 2016
Pastor Tim Remington, who denounced Donald Trump and prayed with Ted Cruz in his Idaho rally, was shot multiple times.
Aaron Sims - Jun 13, 2016
New York based Gawker Media filed for bankruptcy protection in New York on Friday.
Harry Marcolis - Jun 13, 2016
His untimely death in the last episode of the fifth season caused a standstill in the cinema world.