500px ends Creative Common licensing

Avatar By Le Williams | 1 year ago

Photo-sharing community 500px has officially removed the search and image sharing functionalities, in addition to the photography licensing platform through Creative Commons.

In a statement on the company’s website, 500px announces the disablement of upload or download features involving photos shared under Creative Commons licenses. Users and photographers will no longer have the capacity to share images without many of the usual restrictions of copyright licensing, which is why Creative Commons licenses are so useful for sites like Wikipedia that rely on free contributions.

The company explains that Marketplace “hasn’t performed as well in the stock photography space as hoped,” further adding details involving the decision of investing more in building the platform or discover new revenue models.

The Marketplace operated through June 30th. Purportedly, photographers who have signed up for distribution will have their images transferred over to either Visual China Group or Getty Images.

500px notes the royalty rates for photographers will remain unchanged, allowing users to reach a much wider marketplace. Photographers who want to opt out of global distribution have the option to do so.

500px was a major Creative Commons supporter, under the rankings of Flickr, which served as a substantial foundation for the licensing strategy. Additional notable supporters include video sites YouTube and Vimeo.