Adobe is using AI to detect photoshopped images

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 3 years ago

Although people have been tweaking and editing images for decades, modern tools have taken it to a new level, often times making it impossible to distinguish truth from fiction. Adobe is now working on artificial intelligence that can spot the markers of fake photos, according to engadget. Adobe is now utilizing machine learning to determine if someone has Photoshopped an image.

Adobe has stated that using AI to find fake images is a way to help “increase trust and authenticity in digital media.” Whenever an image is altered, unless meticulously done, there are always clues left behind that indicate the image is modified.  Metadata and watermarks can help determine a source image, and forensics can probe factors like lighting, noise distribution, and edges on the pixel level to find inconsistencies, reports engadget.

Adobe is hoping that AI will be able to distinguish real from fake faster and more reliably. The AI looks for three types of manipulation: cloning, splicing, and removal. Adobe has teamed up with University of Maryland researchers to feed the AI tens of thousands altered images to teach the AI what to look for.

These techniques are not perfect, but Adobe says that they “provide more possibility and more options for managing the impact of digital manipulation, and they potentially answer questions of authenticity more effectively.”