Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft come together in a historic partnership

Avatar By Billy Kirk | 4 years ago

Some of the largest target databases in the market are held by niche technology companies which boast to be the largest in the world. Data is becoming a crucial currency in the world today just like money and assets. The value of the data lies in its applications when it comes to artificial intelligence; this means that the company which owns the data will also own AI.

In an act of self-governance, five giant data companies came together to launch their partnership in AI. What this means is that the companies will come together often to discuss the advancements in Artificial Intelligence. The group will also open formal structures for communication across the lines of the companies.

“We want to involve people impacted by AI as well,” said the founder and head of applied artificial intelligence at DeepMind Mustafa Suleyman.”We realize that we cannot do this alone, and that is why we have partnered with other companies.”

The companies seem to realize that in such an area, there is no need for competition, rather collaboration would better suffice

The structure of the organization has a design that allows non-corporate groups to possess the same leadership alongside large tech companies. During the launch companies such as Twitter, Intel, Apple and Baidu were not in avaiable. Regardless of Apple’s enthusiasm for the project, their absence was not notable since the company’s rivals are way ahead when it comes to artificial intelligence.