Analysis of data from Google France raid may take years to analyze

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

It has been announced that it will take months to years to analyze the data taken in the raid of the Google headquarters in France.

The data was seized May 24 when almost 100 French investigators raided the Paris offices of Google France (Googl.o). Google complied totally with the seizure of the data.

The raid was part of an operation sparked by suspicion of Google tax irregularities that international officials have speculated might lead to conviction on tax evasion.

French financial prosecutor, Elaine Houlette, said that although the investigators have collected great deals of information, it will take time for the data to be understood and utilized.

“We have collected a lot of computer data,” explained Houlette on Sunday during an interview with major European media outlets including iTele, Le Monde and Europe 1 radio.

“We need to analyze [the data] … [it will take] months, I hope that it won’t be several years, but we are very limited in resources”, continued Houlette.

Google is not the only company to come under such investigation. Many international businesses have made a practice of making sales in prosperous European markets such as France but filing and paying sales taxes in markets such as Ireland and Luxembourg.

French tax investigators also raided the McDonald’s French headquarters May 18. It has been reported that McDonald’s has been asked to pay €300 million worth of unpaid taxes in France alone.

Google is now facing pressure across major and minor European markets for their perceived exploitation of tax deals in smaller nations.