Apple could be banned from importing iPhones to the U.S

Avatar By Billy Kirk | 4 years ago

Qualcomm plans to seek a ban on iPhone being imported to the United States, just months before the highly awaited iPhone 8 is set to be released.

The news comes after iPhone announced it would quit paying royalties to the chipmaker, as it believed it had been overcharged by “billions of dollars in Qualcomm’s illegal scheme.”

The two tech giants have been locked in a legal battle since January after the FTC accused Qualcomm of engaging in “anticompetitive patent licensing practices.”

The news of a potential ban was released by Bloomberg, who spoke to a source familiar with Qualcomm’s strategy.

According to the source, Qualcomm plans to wallop Apple by asking the International Trade Commission to ban imports of iPhones to the United States.

The decision comes only months after Apple accused the Qualcomm of abusing its market powers to ask unfair royalties.

In the court filing, Apple said it had been overcharged billions of dollars through what it termed as Qualcomm’s “illegal scheme.”

The phone manufacturer also accused Qualcomm of owing it a billion dollars but is refusing to pay due to Apple cooperating with South Korean antitrust regulators investigating the California chip-maker.

“For many years Qualcomm has unfairly insisted on charging royalties for technologies they have nothing to do with,” Apple said in an email statement.

In the declaration, the firm added that to protect its business scheme, Qualcomm had taken increasingly radical steps such as recently withholding $1 billion in payments to Apple as retaliation for responding “truthfully” to law enforcement agencies investigating them (Qualcomm).

But Qualcomm denied Apple’s claims, accusing the iPhone maker of “intentionally mischaracterized” agreements, as well as the value of the company’s technologies.