Apple hires Google’s former AI chief

Avatar By Le Williams | 3 years ago

Google’s former top leader in search and artificial intelligence, John Giannandrea, will now lead the responsibility at Apple to leverage artificial intelligence throughout Apple’s series of products.

Giannandrea joins the eminence of Apple as the chief of AI one day after his announcement of departure from his position at Google, causing a more expansive restructure for both tech companies. The newly hired head of AI is not his first connection to Apple. Giannandrea’s initial work with AI was completed with Apple offshoot General Magic twenty years prior to a move to Netscape.

Dominate forces in AI, such as Google and Facebook, engage hundreds of researchers operating through multiple domains that routinely publish essential papers that aid the process of informing internal products and the cooperative AI research community in general. On the contrary, Apple lacks the access to data, neither the resources nor research talent to manage AI development at an equivalent level of strength as its competitors.

Apple’s aggressive move to procure Giannandrea comes after years of immense effort to advance in the rapid progression of AI fields such as natural language processing and computer vision. The strategic action by Apple will help establish a greater advantage towards Apple product machine learning and artificial intelligence progression.

Apple’s new chief will report directly to CEO Tim Cook as the leader of “machine learning and AI strategy”, according to the Times report.