Apple HomePod will reportedly receive missing features

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Tech giant Apple is reported to have quietly worked on several major improvements that could make its HomePod speaker a far more capable companion in your home.

The company has strewed a private beta of HomePod OS 12.0 that includes several new phone-calling features, according to Apple-tracking site iGeneration.

The software includes the ability to place and answer calls from the HomePod and even help you find your phone using a Find My iPhone command. There is also the possibility of Apple adding support for several timers, so you can have them go off when you want. The report was earlier covered by 9to5Mac.

When Apple released the HomePod earlier this year, its functionality was hobbled, to say the least. While it has a solid speakerphone that lets you talk to people without ever using your phone, it’s only accessible after a call has been initiated and you choose to connect through the smart speaker.

According to iGeneration, Apple is changing that with the update. If the software is real, it would allow you to tell Siri to call someone and it would connect. You could also choose to route your calls through the HomePod and answer them with a voice command.

The reason Apple could not get calls to initiate on the HomePod at launch was due to the enability to access user contacts. If the company is indeed planning the aforementioned HomePod update, it would suggest that it’s also found a way to connect a user’s HomePod to theircontacts.

The ability to set multiple timers is a key feature of the Amazon Echo and was conspicuously missing from the HomePod. It could come especially in handy for HomePod owners who use their speaker in the kitchen or bedroom.

Apple has not confirmed any of these features.