GirlsDoPorn ex-performers win lawsuit against website
A judge rules that GirlsDoPorn must pay for exploiting and misleading its actresses.
By Jacki Salvetti | Feb 11, 2020 | Print-friendly

Pornographic website GirlsDoPorn is guilty of misleading at least 22 women into appearing into video for mass distribution and must pay them $12.8 million in damages, San Diego Superior Court Judge Keven Enright ruled Thursday. The judge acknowledged that many of the women have suffered extreme emotional distress and real-life harassment as a result of the videos in which they performed, and that they did not know when appearing in the videos that the videos would be posted publicly online.

"As a result, plaintiffs have suffered and continue to suffer far-reaching and often tragic consequences," Enright wrote. He noted that plaintiffs described major damage to their personal relationships and career prospects, loss of academic opportunities, and that some were so traumatized that they contemplated suicide.

The judge also ordered the site's owners to remove the videos from their site and get them removed from other sites in which they were posted.

The women were 18-23 years old at the time they appeared in the videos. Many were students in need of extra money, according to court documents.

The court heard evidence that the site had falsely promised the actresses that the videos they performed in would be for private personal use only and would not be posted online for mass subscribing audiences. Some of the women were given alcohol and cannabis just before being asked to sign the eight-page contracts authorizing the site to feature them in videos.

It also heard testimony that the site had shared private information about the actresses with third-party forums, which led to some of their real names being revealed and them and their families suffering harassment online.