Report: Instagram used in election meddling
A new report finds election meddling was far more extensive than previously thought.
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A new report issued the Senate Intelligence Committee finds Russian interference efforts in the 2016 election spread across Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Medium and Pinterest. The report, which comes three years after the election of President Donald Trump, detailed a far more extensive operation by Russian intelligence than previously reported.

"The use of Instagram by the IRA, and Instagram's centrality as a channel for disseminating disinformation and societally divisive content, has escaped much of the media and public attention that has focused on other social media platforms," the report said. "IRA activity and engagement with Americans through Instagram accounts dramatically eclipsed the comparable interaction achieved through Facebook pages."

The report comes as congressional Democrats have called for funding for election security ahead of the 2020 election. Republicans have largely ignored those calls, though the latest report has, it seems, led to some Republicans -- both in the Senate and House -- to reconsider their opposition.