Artificial intelligence (AI) in phones set to change the mobile industry

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 1 year ago

In the past one year, artificial intelligence in phones has actually come of age.

Apple pioneered the technology in 2011 by incorporating this technology in its Apple Siri hit iPhones, and from that point on there has been no looking back. Now, more apps and more technological gadgets are increasingly using AI. In the future, AI will frequently take up roles of instructors and could also be used for teaching according to technology pundits.

And now, Samsung is rumored to launch its own virtual assistant that will come with the Galaxy S8 set to be launched in February 2017.

Sammobile which is a community of Samsung users, which shares news, reviews, as well as tutorials, has reported that AI will be used in all the apps that will come pre-loaded with the Galaxy S8.

Samsungs AI development got a significant boost when it bought Viv Labs which is an Artificial Intelligence software company that is based in the United States. Viv Labs are the same company that was behind Apple’s Siri technology. The new AI assistant in the Galaxy S8 will have a male voice called Bixby and a female voice, Kestra.

The Galaxy S8 will also try and have a more powerful and intelligent assistant that will take the place of the previously used S Voice and will also compete with Google’s and Apples Assistant and Siri respectively.

It will be equipped with a system-wide reach and an Application Program Interface(API), that will also accommodate third party developers.