AT&T starts 5G trials

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 1 year ago

The network provider has begun their first trials on making 5 G reality. They believe that 5G will be launched to the public in 2020.

The first test will be done at Intel office. The network will cover a little over 2400 meter square and will last around a month. They hope to see how the 5G would help dynamism an internet reliant company such as Intel.

AT&T believes they are the first to launch such tests, even before more obvious candidates like Google. With 4G already showing impressive speeds what will be fathomed by 5G has created quite the excitement.

4G has been around for a few years, and it is believed that many phone companies are only starting to transition to 4G fully in many parts of the world. If that is not, enough, many phone providers still heavily invest in 3G.

Many companies believe that AT&T is being too ambitious and this could backfire on them if the rest can’t keep up with them.

But the company believes that eventually people will move to 5G, and they will be the first there. “IT funny that many people think we are running to first. Technology as about moving forward,” said AT&T representative. “Eventually all companies will come on board. Some may take longer, but eventually everyone will follow us.”

The company hopes that 5G will be able to achieve 4K gaming and video and VPN fits that not even 4G has been able to reach this far.