Crazy Ways People Have Been Caught Cheating On Their Spouse

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 2 years ago

Have you ever caught your partner cheating on you? It doesn’t feel too good. In fact, it downright feels like someone smacked you over the head with a sledgehammer. When you find that stuff out, it’s usually ugly, messy, and a whirlwind of confusion, pain, and anger. In most cases, the end result is a break-up or divorce.

But, while most people find out the usual ways like catching a partner in a lie or gathering some kind of evidence, you might be surprised by the crazy and devastating ways partners have been caught cheating. Curious to see some of these situations?

Facebook Friend Recommendation

Wanting to cheat on his girlfriend, Geoffrey Lopez created a fake Facebook profile and contacted other women. Eventually, however, his girlfriend got wind of his fake profile because it was recommended to her by Facebook. When she saw his profile picture and looked at his profile, she knew exactly what he’d been up to.


A girl named Rachel met her boyfriend on Tinder, but his visa expired and he had to leave the country. After they broke up, he sent her a bunch of inappropriate pictures of himself. When she found out he had been cheating on her the entire time they were dating, she sent those pictures to all his other flings.

Phone Charger

One Redditor claimed her co-worker ran into her boyfriend’s house to get her phone charger and ended up finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman. She took a picture of them together and sent it to his mother.

Shouting Match

One day, a Redditor’s girlfriend was having a shouting match with their housemate. While he was standing in the room, the housemate yelled out, “Well, at least I’m not cheating on my fiance!” His girlfriend moved out a week later.

Fast Engagement

Five hours after they broke up, one Redditor claimed her boyfriend updated his Facebook status to “Engaged.” She thought he was just friends with the girl. Turns out, it was much more. The girl posted a photo of the ring and said, “He finally asked and I said yes!”

Find My Friend

One man’s girlfriend said she was going over to her parent’s house. But, when he checked the “Find My Friend” friend app on his iPhone, she was nowhere near her parents house and rather at an apartment in Manhattan. It didn’t take long for him to find out she was cheating.

Condoms in Car

When a wife found condoms in her husband’s car, she knew something was up. She decided to poke holes in the condoms and soak them in pepper juice. One day, her husband left to help her mom but came back complaining about a painful crotch. At the same time, her friend called saying she had been experiencing pain after a sexual encounter. The mystery was suddenly solved.

Toilet Seat

Sometimes it doesn’t take many hints to find out something is wrong. In this case, a Redditor came home after working a double shift and saw the seat up in his bathroom. He figured his wife didn’t pee for 20 hours or something else was going on. In this case, the latter was true.

Google Street View

Looking through Google Street View, an engaged woman suddenly saw something shocking. Her boyfriend was looking rather intimate with another woman. She confronted him with the picture and he confessed. Of course, they broke off the engagement.


After hearing a man behind her boast about all his affairs, the woman couldn’t take it anymore and snapped a quick photo of him. She put it on the internet, asking if he is anyone’s partner. The photo went viral and his partner eventually found out about it and dumped him.


One guy went to surprise his girlfriend at her place and walked in on her asleep in bed with another man. He calmly went to her side of the bed, gently woke her up, and asked if she wanted pancakes. She didn’t understand what was going on and said, “Hey, baby, sure.” Then, he said, “What about him? Does he want pancakes?” He said the look on her face was worth every second of the storm that came soon after.


Her friend asked her to babysit her 11-month-old baby while she ran some errands. The baby puked all over his clothes, and she needed to go to their house to get some things to clean him up. When she went there, she found her boyfriend having sex with her friend, the same friend she was helping babysit her child.