Cross console gaming possible

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

Microsoft and Sony have been the most consistent players in the gaming community. They both have their edges over the other, but neither has been able to topple the other. Xbox has recently started cross console games amongst its products like Xbox One, Windows Live and Xbox Live. However, they seem to want to put the rivalry aside and work with Playstation in making cross console gaming experience.
The two companies have been at it for the most part of the decade. One of the best strategies for getting an edge is buying the rights to popular games and ensuring that their rivals do not get their hands on it. This would result into gamers acquiring the console to play the game.
One such game is Rocket League, which was exclusively available on Xbox Live. However, the company has now joined forces with other Microsoft consoles to work together. The results have even surprised the top officials who did not expect the public to take to the idea that well.
“We knew that this would be received well by the public, “said a top Microsoft official. “We are looking for other partners in this venture.” Microsoft is looking to partner with Sony’s Playstation to help even solar the business higher.
Playstation already has loyal customers, and their fear would be losing them to their competitor. But, others also argue that this would be an excellent way to increase gamers involvement and also advertise their products directly to Microsoft users. This is an excellent opportunity for both companies put their customers first.