Edward Snowden warns people against using Google Allo

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

Edward Snowden is warning people to delete and never use Google Allo.

Allo is a new chat app from Google. It was announced in May and released in September. The app, which was made available on Android and iOS, was highly anticipated by tech users.

Edward Snowden was not among the people who was excited about the release of it. Snowden is a former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency employee who leaked classified National Security Agency information in 2013. The information that he leaked revealed global surveillance programs that included the cooperation of international telecommunication companies.

Snowden is now warning users that Google can read everything that is in their chats when they use the instant messenger app. Allo comes with a robot that literally watches everything the user types in order to use that information to improve the app after analyzing it. Snowden asserted that Google would be able to see everything a user has ever written in conversations.

Google, in speaking about the app, originally denied that all chats would be stored on Google servers indefinitely. According to Google, the chats would only be stored temporarily. Presumably, this would be done to limit the possibility of data breaches.

Google has since announced that it will keep all user conversations stored. The app will now be able to search through all archived user conversations for analysis. The reason for this, according to Google, is to help the app try to anticipate what users will want to say in the future.