Ethereum receives first top-level domain name

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which provides ethereum users the opportunity to replace long addresses with “human readable names” attached to a .eth domain, has officially partnered with Minds + Machines Group (MMX), a company that owns and operates “top-level domains” within the internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) (others include .com or .uk, for example).

CoinDesk first reported the future initiatives of the partnership August 3rd.

“Blockchain-based social network Minds is migrating its platform to the ethereum network”, the startup Minds announced Monday.

Subsequent to nearly five months on its Rinkeby test network, Minds will be transferring to ethereum for its full live launch.

According to CoinDesk, the startup “claims to provide a censorship-resistant, accessible social network for users, especially those in potentially authoritarian nations, according to a press release”.

The partnership, which enables users to attach their addresses to top-level domain names as announced on in early August, means ethereum users will be able to register their addresses with MMX’s soon to be launched .luxe domain, which stands for “lets u xchange easily,” offering a more user-friendly way to access the blockchain’s assets and services like dapps and smart contracts.

Likewise, MMX said the .luxe addresses will allow “names to resolve over the internet in the normal way for email or web-based traffic,” enabling users to conduct “traditional internet activity” with the same address used for their ethereum assets and services.

“We’re very excited to be helping advance integration between existing DNS-based name services and the Ethereum Name Service, improving usability for blockchain applications and users,” ENS lead developer Nick Johnson said in a statement.

He added in an email that the “natively ‘blockchain enabled'” .luxe domain will offer “more choices of domain and of trust model” for ethereum users, and that the partnership “improves integration between the legacy DNS space and blockchain technologies.”

MMX is confident that sufficient demand exists for .luxe, and pointed to ENS’ success as evidence.

“We already know from ethereum’s test in its .eth zone that there is a real proven demand for word-based identifiers that are blockchain enabled,” CEO Toby Hall said in the statement.