Facebook admits data security breach

Avatar By Kathy Fey | 1 year ago

Facebook is likely to face more criticism after announcing data was accessed without authorization by Facebook users.

“As part of our ongoing review, we recently found that some apps retained access to group member information, like names and profile pictures in connection with group activity, from the Groups API, for longer than we intended. We have since removed their access,” the tech giant said in a statement. “Today we are also reaching out to roughly 100 partners who may have accessed this information since we announced restrictions to the Groups API, although it’s likely that the number that actually did is smaller and decreased over time. We know at least 11 partners accessed group members’ information in the last 60 days. Although we’ve seen no evidence of abuse, we will ask them to delete any member data they may have retained and we will conduct audits to confirm that it has been deleted.”

The team noted that authorization was largely limited to social media management and video streaming apps

“These were primarily social media management and video streaming apps, designed to make it easier for group admins to manage their groups more effectively and help members share videos to their groups,” said Facebook.

The revelations come as Facebook is facing growing criticism from lawmakers in Washington. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, has repeatedly traveled to meet with members of Congress, seeking to reassure them over compliance concerns and calls for antitrust legislation.