Facebook AI has a solution for closed eyes in photos

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 2 years ago

Facebook developers have created a new tool to edit photos and change your eyes from open to closed, according to TNW. The tool uses artificial intelligence to retouch the eyes in a similar vein to adobe files. This is achieved through the “content-aware fill tool”, which takes an educated guess at an items surrounds and fills in the blanks.

Facebook’s tool operates on a similar principle, but uses a generative adversarial network, or GAN, that teaches two separate machine learning systems. One system is trained to recognize whether images of open eyes are real, and the other tries to confuse it, as explained by the TNW report. It seems that the latter system is attempting to build the most convincing images possible, in efforts to confuse the other system.

According to tech crunch, the results have been quite convincing in testing. The results have fooled testers more often than not into believed the computer generated eyes are real, and at the very least, they often admit they are not sure.

They are still working on perfecting the tool, however, as there are still some struggles. One such difficulty is the color matching required to blend skin tones in certain photos. The eyelid alone contains hundreds or thousands of colors deepening on the person’s skin tone, the placement of the light, and plenty of other factors. It is not yet known when this tool will be available to the public, and Facebook has not yet responded to TNW’s inquiry.