Facebook, Google and Firefox working together

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

Facebook and Google are the top website in the world, occupying the number one and two sport concurrently and interchangeably throughout every country.

Firefox is also a top rated browser with billions of users. It is then a surprise that the three of the biggest rivals would work together at doing anything. But this is precisely the case with these companies as they seek to speed up the internet.

Facebook relies on speeds to keep the attention of the users. Often you would often exit a video or any content that is if it does not load.

In an attempt to speed up the rates on any website caches were created to store info from the site that is always present. This info includes icons and core site information. The problem is Chrome often did not save this info from Facebook or required the user to allow the command too often slowing down loading speeds.

Facebook and Chrome then had to come together and have been working together for over two years secretly to establish a faster more streamlined system.

“The problem with the early-2014 versions of Google Chrome was that it was checking for those updates files way too often, according to Facebook’s data, ” says Facebook engineers Ben Maurer and Nathan Schloss. “63% of all requests to Facebook from Google Chrome were those so-called conditional requests, tying up resources for the time it took for the server to tell the browser that, no, there’s no new file since the last time you visited.”

Firefox also soon got on the board in this secret mission of increasing their speeds realizing how important Facebook is for their survival and prosperity.