Facebook kicks Microsoft’s Bing to the curb

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 6 years ago

Facebook has given the boot to search engine Bing as its default for web search results, ending a four-year relationship.

While Microsoft still has a small stake in Facebook, a Facebook spokesman said in a statement said the social network is not showing web search results in Facebook Search because the site is more concerned with helping people find things that are shared with them on Facebook, according to a CNET report.

Microsoft, in confirming the move, also noted that the change had to do with Facebook’s new focus on changing the search experience to deemphasize the web and improve the experience within the social network itself. The two companies will continue to be partners in other areas, they said.

It is a fairly expected breakup, as Facebook has been developed its own search technology that will zero in on helping its users find information that is relevant to them rather than provide them with broad web search results.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of the site, said he considers search to be one of the most important projects his site is working on, in combination with Facebook’s Instagram photo messaging service and the WhatsApp messaging program that launched not long ago.

The move isn’t an easy one to swallow for Bing, which is trying to compete for search engine share with Google, who dominates the market. About 67 percent of web searches are performed with Google, compared to 20 percent for Bing.

Microsoft purchased a 1 percent, $240 million stake in Facebook seven years ago, back when the company was worth just $15 billion, a figure that has increased to $211 billion.