Facebook launches bulk removal of third-party apps

Avatar By Le Williams | 3 years ago

In the pre-existing weeks, Facebook has not been immune to any extended controversies stemming from the ongoing Cambridge Analytica privacy scandals concerning social media user data and politics.

With the attention turned towards its privacy tools and user accessibility, Facebook has launched a tool that allows users to collectively detach and remove apps from their social media profile. Facebook users may now apply an easy and proactive approach towards uninstalling apps in bulk as opposed to the daunting task of removing third-party apps of concern one at a time.

As outlined in the previous weeks, Facebook publicly acknowledged their commitment to controlling developers’ access user data. The modifications are visible attempts to create a simplified method for users to not only manage third-party extensions but to maximize a users’ understanding. This feature is designed to optimize the welcomed protection of data privacy and provide an ease of access towards user control.

Users will need to access the Apps segment of their Facebook settings, allowing bulk removal at once. Many individuals are not aware of the apps that are connected to their profile, driving a greater reason to evaluate the settings of their profile. Additionally, third-party apps will automatically be removed if the user has not accessed them in over three months.