Facebook, Microsoft partner to build underwater internet cable systems

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

Facebook and Microsoft have partnered to develop an internet cable that will run across the Atlantic Ocean. The cable will allow the data giants to serve North America and Europe better, as the two continents are the world’s biggest consumers of data after China.

The Cable will be able to send data up to speeds of 160 terabytes per second. This will make each of their centers across these plane access the data quickly and efficiently. Such speeds are almost 20 million times faster than average Internet speeds at homes.

Facebook and Google join Google as the other internet giant to construct its cabling system. The three companies combined consume almost two-thirds of data on a global scale. Therefore, it only makes sense to create their data cables. It gives them more independence and flexibility, unlike other times where they had to share such cables with telecom companies.

“We’re starting to see more of the large Internet content providers looking to build more of their networks, whether they are leasing dark fiber or laying down new cables to formulate new routes,” says Michael Murphy, from telecom consultancy NEF. “It makes sense.”

However, the two tech giants have partnered with a Spanish telecom company called Telxius. The telecom company will sublet the data connection to other corporations and other users. This will help Facebook and Microsoft venture into the data provision business, an avenue that has so much room to grow, especially in Europe which they estimate to be over 1.5 billion people.

Facebook will also use the new cable system to test what they call “Dark Fiber”. The technology will allow them to easily send data in whatever direction they want and regulate the amounts and speeds of data.