Facebook tests label showing commonality with random users

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Social media giant Facebook revealed Friday a testing strategy involving a new label called “things in common” that users would see in comments, as noted by CNET.

According to the tech site, when a user sees a public conversation on the platform—on a brand or publisher page, for instance—Facebook will highlight things that they may have in common with non-friends who left comments.

Therefore, users may see a label that says “You both went to Rutgers University” or that “You were both born in California”.

The label may also reveal if both users work for the same company, but have no friend connection.

The company explained in a statement that it is a “small” test in the United States, neglecting to be more specific about any future plans.

“Knowing shared things in common helps people connect,” a Facebook spokeswoman told CNET. “We’re testing adding a ‘things in common’ label that will appear above comments from people who you’re not friends with but you might have something in common with.”

The new feature comes as Facebook and other social media companies are tweaking algorithms or altering policies to foster healthier conversations and stop the flow of misinformation, hate speech, and bots.

The social media network also revealed that the information included in the “things in common” labels will only have what users have set to be publicly seen and will adhere to users’ existing privacy settings.

As Facebook observes user growth fall short of Wall Street expectations and younger users turn to platforms like Snapchat, the company has committed to launching a Dating feature in another bid to keep users engaged on the social network.