Firefox now supports newest internet security protocol

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

In a major initiative to update TLS 1.2, the Internet Engineering Task Force released the final version of TLS 1.3, further securing the web by providing an expanded layer of encryption towards each HTTPS connection.

With increased speed and improved security, the long-awaited security protocol security lessens the necessity for repeated cycling as the browser and server negotiate the security settings.

As the new protocol allows the browser and server to quickly negotiate which encryption to use, users will notice the increased speeds and higher security measures in place.

“And the good news is, you can already use it today, because, as Mozilla today announced, Firefox already supports the new standard out of the box. Chrome, too, started supporting the new protocol (based on earlier drafts) in version 65,” Tech Crunch states.

Reports highlight the 10-year hiatus since the last version launched.

“It’s no secret that TLS 1.2 had its share of problems — though those were mostly due to its implementations, which are obviously a favorite target for hackers thanks to their ubiquity and which opened up bugs like the infamous Heartbleed vulnerability. But in addition to that, some of the algorithms that are part of TLS 1.2 have been successfully attacked,” CNET further adds.

TLS 1.3 focuses on providing access to modern cryptographic methods.

Some of the companies that already support TLS 1.3 include Facebook (which says that it already serves almost half of its traffic over the new protocol), as well as Google and Cloudflare.