Fortnite reaches $1B with in-app purchases

Avatar By Le Williams | 1 year ago

With last month’s title debut on iOS generated $100 million in revenue in just three months, a new report says that the battle royale blockbuster has reached over $1 billion in sales across all platforms.

A new analysis by Super Data says the popularity of the game continues to increase as developer Epic Games exceeded the billion-dollar milestone for in-app purchases in less than a year.

While the majority of players are likely on a desktop version, iOS certainly helped to boost the awareness and revenue of the game.

The report also notes that the popularity of the game really took off, due to well-known streamers and celebrities on Twitch.

“Twitch presented a huge audience to Fortnite through prominent streamers like Ninja. Ninja’s stream with Drake surpassed 635K viewers, breaking the concurrent viewership record at the time,” reports Super Data through IGN on Thursday.

Apple has even given several spotlights to the game like featuring it on the MacBook Pro product page and Craig Federighi talking about it in context of porting iOS apps to Mac.

Regarding the future, Epic Games has a lot of potentials to increase its revenue with Fortnite even further. The game could soon create more sales with vehicles skins, in-game gifting, and other features.

Notably, Epic Games has now partnered with Funko to create Fortnite collectibles. While details are slim for now, the collection could include the game’s characters as Funko Pop’s popular big-head figures, keychain accessories, and more.

Fortnite is a free download from the App Store.