Future humans will be gods, says expert

Avatar By Billy Kirk | 1 year ago

An expert has claimed that the next billion-dollar will not be a product or service, but upgrading humans.

It has been claimed that in the future, humans will have access to technology that will enable them to ‘upgrade themselves into gods.’

However, bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari has warned that because not many people will be able to experience the update, due to prohibitive costs, there will be a social divide that could reignite ‘old racist ideologies.’

But this time, the differences will be ‘engineered and manufactured.’

“When we think about the future we think about a world in which people who are identical to us in every important way enjoy better technology…” Harari said on his website.

The author added that the revolutionary potential of future technologies is to change Homo Sapien. The changes will include Homo Sapien’s mind, body, vehicles, and weapons.

According to the bestselling author, humans will turn themselves into gods by acquiring abilities that in the past were considered divine: Such as eternal youth, mind reading, and the ability to engineer life.

While those ideas may sound far-fetched, tech giants are already working towards making it a reality.

Harari noted that Google has a division whose sole mission is to ‘overcome death.’

He also voiced his belief that the future advanced beings will have fewer tasks to do during the day, as a majority of the jobs will be done by robots and artificial intelligence.

This will allow humans more time to immerse their lives in virtual reality.

The resulting shift could lead to mass unemployment, leaving people aimless.

“Children alive today will face the consequences,” Harari warned.