GeneMatters and Clear Genetics partner to increase access to genetic counseling

Avatar By Le Williams | 1 year ago

Genetics today announced a combined service that integrates chatbots with live genetic counselors. The arrangement will support healthcare organizations in the effort to enable more patients to receive genetic counseling in an affordable manner. In addition to timeliness, patients will obtain extended, necessary services.

The joint service option positions patients in a place to first interact with Clear Genetics’ software. More complex situations will necessitate patients to be triaged to a GeneMatters telehealth genetic counselor.

As genetics has become a routine part of clinical care, healthcare organizations facing a shortage of genetic counselors now turn to GeneMatters’ telehealth service and Clear Genetics software to scale their practice.

GeneMatters and Clear Genetics both partner with health networks, clinics, hospitals, and genetic testing labs in whole-genome sequencing, hereditary cancer, and reproductive health.

One of the products Clear Genetics offers is a chatbot named Gia, a scalable solution for patients to converse about genetics. Gia is developed in close collaboration with genetic counselors, to ensure that patients are guided responsibly and effectively. The chatbot uses the patient’s personal information and customizes the content based on their specific situation, interests, and questions.

When the patient needs or wants to talk with someone for a full genetic counseling session, Gia will help them schedule an appointment with a GeneMatters board-certified genetic counselor.

According to Jill Davies, CEO and Co-Founder of GeneMatters, “The genetics field as a whole is innovating at a rapid pace, and we are pleased to be on the forefront of this evolution. This partnership with Clear Genetics wholly supports our mission to help more patients, while personalizing and improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery.”