Get ready for these crazy new technologies at Google I/O this week…

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 6 years ago

You can practically hear the buzz of excitement in San Francisco as Google gets ready to host its annual I/O conference, with some wild new technologies about to be showcased to the public, many for the very first time.

Beginning on May 28 and running for two days, the I/O 2015 conference is meant to link up software developers with Google and others to tackle all sorts of interesting new innovations, and this year will be no exception, according to a Tom’s Guide report.

This year, you can expect smartphones that connect to automobiles, brand new smartwatches, and the latest in the Android operating system, as well as virtual reality, a possible successor to Chromecast, and other exciting technologies.

But taking center stage, as always, is most likely to be the latest version of the Android operating system known as Android M. The official I/O schedule shows that there will be an entire event devoted to Android M and for Android for Work. The leaked scheduled also indicates that Android will be made available for small businesses and mobile workers, indicating new productivity apps or new Android software that could be implemented into devices like package scanners.

Then there’s Chromecast, which seems overdue for a new iteration after two years on the market. That has led to unconfirmed speculation that a Chromecast 2 streaming stick will be unveiled for the first time.

Then there’s the hot topic of wearables, which has been red-hot ever since the Apple Watch had a high-profile unveiling earlier this year. Android Wear may be seeking to steal some of the show at the conference as Google wants to get into the market before Apple takes over it completely.

Want Android in your car? Android Auto likely will make a big splash at the conference with its own I/O talk. It will be available later this year with manufacturers Chevrolet, Acura, and Honda.