New Gmail ‘confidential mode’ design features include limitations

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Google is releasing an experimental feature in Gmail termed “Confidential Mode”, enabling users to set an expiration date on their correspondences to other Gmail users.

According to TechCrunch, users may also request that the recipient “Confirm their identity with a passcode sent via text message.” The new feature will be enhanced to notify users that “Options to forward, download, or copy this email’s contents and attachments will be disabled.”

The report specifies that a “Learn More” link in the preview will direct users to the Google help section, however, limitations exist within the utility of an un-downloadable attachment. Further limitations include the interoperations with users of non-Google services. With a regionalized, protocol-based disposition of email function, the capacity of Google to individually modify the access requirement of a dedicated email demonstrates added limitations.

Security tools remain unclear, as the feature renders no current initiative towards encryption processes. The report notes a primary security attribute regarding access prevention in the event of an unattended device already logged in to an account.

In general, the new interface resembles Material Design standards that were introduced with Android 5.0, progressively integrated among most Google products. The Material Design language has also been increasingly adopted since it was introduced.