Google adds DRM to Android apps

Avatar By Le Williams | 1 year ago

Google revealed new security developments. in which the company will be adding a small amount of security metadata with the APKs. The new feature will enable verification of the APK distributed by Google Play.

Earlier this week, Google quietly introduced the feature, with intentions to increase the security of the Android platform by adding a string of metadata to all APK files.

The advanced security technology provides an offline distribution channel authorized for use with Google Play as an added benefit to developers. P2P shared apps will be eligible for online updates from the store.

“This will make it possible to verify an app even you’re offline,” Google said, “making it possible to officially add that title to your store library and receive updates through Goole’s portal.”

Developers are now supported in the reach towards more people in countries where app sharing is common because of costly data plans and limited connectivity.

In hindsight, Google could enforce various limitations that would do the opposite of the above. NotebookCheck reports how Electronic Arts has enforced limitations numerous times, highlighting the dissatisfaction of public users which involving these measures.

Google Play customers and developers will not be required to make any changes or take special action with the new security feature.