Google Ads for smartphones

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 5 years ago

Smartphones are increasingly being used to make online shopping decisions. Google has an issue with that. A smartphone can easily access an e-commerce site directly. Custom search ensures users see Google ads.

To counter the trend, Google has launched Shopping ads. As mobile shoppers browse through image search results, images of related products shall be displayed. “Google is always evolving, and this is just another step in its evolution,” said a google representative. The related images should appear just above the search results. The announcement was made at the beginning of this week.

There are filter buttons for those who don’t want the ads. Converted users will be directed to retail shops selling the products. Google says most of the customers who have used the new service, always have questions. Many want to know the caost and the shop to purchase it.

The customer can now have their queries answered. After which they can proceed to buy on the retailers site. The search engine points out Smartphone owners are using shopping ads at least once per week.

No statistics exist yet showing how many users are converting from the shopping ads. Research shows there is a higher likelihood of a customer going straight to Amazon or to an E-commerce site than taking a detour reading a Google shopping ads

Google has pushed the envelope further by saying, advertisers, ads would also be displayed. In other news, Google has set up a system where customers can buy things online and collect them at their local store.

To integrate this functionality, local stores are to add a “store pick up link” on their Google local page. Advertisers who use local inventory ads shall notice that their inventory appears in the local Knowledge Panel.