Google buys photo analyzing app Jetpac

Avatar By Aaron Sims | 6 years ago

In Google’s most recent summer acquisition, it has bought Jetpac for an undisclosed amount. Jetpac is known as an app that essentially scans publicly available photos from Instagram, and creates city guides based on the photos.

While Google has not yet officially announced the deal, the Jetpac front page shows that the company is moving to Google. Jetpac cofounder and CTO Pete Warden also announced the news via Twitter.

“We look forward to working on exciting projects with our colleagues at Google. We’ll be removing Jetpac’s apps from the App Store in the coming days, and ending support for them on 9/15.”

Google may have bought the company in order to incorporate Jetpac’s photo scanning algorithms into its system, and these algorithms may even eventually find their way into Google+. It is also possible that Google has not bought Jetpac for the technology itself, but more for the team behind it.

Despite this, Google seems to be slowly building up its reputation as a travel company. It already has Google flights, and the acquisition of Jetpac could give it the technology it needs to also give people city guides.

Jetpac was founded back in 2011 by Pete Warden, who was an engineer for Apple for five years. In 2012, Jetpac secured $2.4 million in funding, largely from Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and Khosla Ventures.

Jetpac currently has city guides for around 6,000 cities, and the app will be closed on September 15. Despite this, the addition of Jetpac to the Google portfolio of apps could be very valuable for the search giant, if implemented properly.

Google has bought a number of companies this year alone, having spent roughly $4.2 billion.