Google car now to be tested in mountainous regions

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 5 years ago

Google has been doing multiple tests on their driverless cars. The company views the cars as the next age of technology. The driverless cars will reduce the number of people losing their way and also the number of accidents.
So far the company has done most of their test in California, where the corporation is based. However, recently they have extended their tests as the vehicle gears up to being a reality. The company has chosen Kirkland to carry out its tests. The town is mountainous and wet creating the perfect environment to test the sensors of the vehicle.
Another reason Google has chosen the city is because of the town’s friendly people and neighborhood. “Kirkland is a town that prides itself on being open to new technologies that could help improve our daily lives, ” said the mayor of Kirkland, Amy Walen. “We’re looking forward to seeing the cars on the road and understanding more about how self-driving cars might someday improve safety and provide traffic relief.”
The car is due to undergo vigorous tests on rainy and windy locations to test the signal range. The terrain will help indicate if tunnels and winding roads are well navigated by the car.
As a way to help the company make better improvements, Google is encouraging people who see the driverless vehicle to go online and make comments and recommendations to help improve it. The company is also working with the US transport department to speed up regulations regarding automatically driven vehicles to get the car on the streets faster.