Google develops Gmail web redesign with several popular features

Avatar By Le Williams | 1 year ago

Google prepares to launch a new design for its Gmail web interface. According to a G Suite administrators’ memo, the company has developed several new features that will be functional through regular Gmail accounts. Offline support will be integrated, in addition to Smart Reply, providing users the ability to “snooze” emails.

Recent design releases for Google Calendar included additional colors, modernized icons, and refreshed functionalities for the event boxes. Similarly, Gmail shows a strong indication for comparable redesign features. The company has promised an ease of access to related services, including Google Calendar for Gmail web users.

Google’s Gmail redesign will be released in several weeks as an early access program for G Suite customers and personal Gmail accounts. Initiatives to test critical Chrome extensions are influenced by compatibility goals that must be reached before expanding user readiness.

According to a Google statement confirmed by Tech Crunch, the company states, “We are working on some major updates to Gmail and they are still in the draft phase”. A Google spokesperson further confirmed the company’s update may alter specific browser add-ons for Gmail, such as Clearbit and Streak. Details only note a new appearance for Gmail on the web, without news regarding the mobile app.