Google employees pressure CEO to terminate Pentagon AI project involvement

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Google has partnered with the Defense Department on Project Maven, prompting thousands of employees to declare a dispute, create a petition, and protest the AI system project.

Project Maven contains initiatives to employ computer vision technology, which is operated to identify faces and targets in digital images. Google has been among the tech developers for these ideas such as photolabeling and image search. The military project holds objectives to aid the United States towards conquering terrorist groups by detecting objects in drone footage that military specialists are unable to view.

Google staffers are demanding the termination of the tech company’s involvement in Project Maven, distributing an internal letter with intentions to pressure CEO Sundar Pichai to discontinue its work affiliations with the United States military.

Generating over 3,100 signatures, the petition argues that the Pentagon could ultimately weaponize Google’s contributions into flying a drone and launching an attack. “We cannot outsource the moral responsibility of our technologies to third parties,” the petition states. Employee display concern that Google’s involvement with military research would blemish its reputation and repel high-quality faculty.

While Google welcomes employee dialogues regarding the technologies, there is no forcible evidence that contributions will end with Project Maven at this time.