Google exec admits GitHub bid loss to Microsoft

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Diane Greene, head of Google’s cloud development, disclosed to an audience at a Fortune Magazine event in San Francisco on Wednesday that she “wouldn’t have minded buying [GitHub],” according to a Bloomberg report.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google has not officially confirmed the reports of a desired acquisition for the startup company.

Notably, Microsoft procured GitHub for $7.5 billion in early June 2018, with anticipation to finalize the venture by year’s end. The transaction supports the expansion of AI development and services throughout the company’s devices and products.

Bloomberg reported Greene as mentioning two Google products with popularity on GitHub, with optimism towards Microsoft “Keeping them totally neutral”.

During the sale process, Greene was also managing internal issues over Google’s Pentagon work. She opted not to renew the contract after staff protests, and Google released a set of principles for its artificial intelligence systems.

“Others should follow suit,” Greene said on Wednesday. Similar protests have spread to rivals Inc and Microsoft over government deals.

“Any company with a large contingent of AI researchers needs to do this because the researchers are going to want to know how their technology is being used,” she said. “It’s a tricky thing.”

Microsoft is noted as saying GitHub will keep operating independently and will provide an open platform for all developers.