Google Hire to use AI to speed up common tasks

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 2 years ago

Since it’s launch last year, Google Hire has been trying to make it easier for hiring managers to oversee the data and tasks associated with the hiring process, according to Tech Crunch. Google is now offering some AI improvements to help hasten the manual processes. The improvements may be modest, but could amount to a lot of time saved.

According to Google Hire’s product manager Berit Hoffman, “ Hire now reduces repetitive, time-consuming tasks, like scheduling interviews into one-click interactions. This means hiring teams can spend less time with logistics and more time connecting with people.”

Google Hire AI now automatically suggests potential time slots for interviews, reducing the amount of time spent on interview scheduling to a few clicks. The AI is also capable of skimming a resume for keywords, or relevant words including synonyms and acronyms. This should save hiring managers time while reviewing the portfolios of applicants. 

Another useful feature is the ability to streamline phone calls. Google Hire has a new click-to-call function, allowing users to click the phone number, which then registers the call into a log for easy recall and auditing. While none of the features seem groundbreaking, the end result is intended to save time and ultimately, money.