Google I/O is here … and here’s the big unveilings that are coming

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 6 years ago

It’s that time of year again, Android fans: Google is hosting its annual I/O conference for developers, and there are some big innovations that will be on display in this year’s show.

Taking place May 28-29 in San Francisco, the I/O 2015 conference will prominently feature smartphones connecting to cars, smartwatches, and the latest evolution of the Android operating system, according to a Tom’s Guide report.

Most I/O events in recent years have focused on the latest version of the Android, and now that the Android M is out, expect this year to be no exception. The official I/O schedule has Android M in the event description for Android for Work, although Google has since removed it.

Also, the leak indicates that Android is coming to a variety of different workplaces, specifically small businesses and mobile workers. That means new productivity apps or the integration of Android software in things like package scanners, possibly, according to the report.

Chromecast 2, the streaming stick, could also make an appearance, as a successor to the initial Chromecast stick is long overdue.

And with Apple Watch enjoying a high-profile unveiling earlier this year, Android Wear could be jumping into the spotlight at this conference. Google will want to show it can compete with Apple in the nascent smartwatch and wearables market.

Android Auto will be a big deal at the conference, and it will have its own I/O talk dedicated to it to talk about how the operating system will work inside a car. Android Auto will be available later this year in cars from Acura, Honda, and Chevy.