Google offers developers free 4K HDR Android TV streaming dongles

Avatar By Le Williams | 3 years ago

Google-branded Android TV dongle has been classified solely as a reference product for developers, primarily enabled for TV application testing, contrary to its listing as a consumer product with the Federal Communications Commission.

Presently, consumers can apply to directly receive one of the ADT-2 units from Google. The dongle supports the 4K resolution at 60fps with capabilities of HDR playback. While the features remain streamlined, the dongle does not possess the potential of Nvidia Shield.

The 4K HDR Android TV streaming dongle uses the same chipset as Amazon’s Fire TV 4K dongle and has 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, as noted by Android Police. Android TV seemingly created the dongle expressly for development purposes with considerations that Nexus Player is no longer supported. The company created a substantial supply of the product in efforts to offer the dongle as an I/O freebie and mail specific quantities to developers. Additionally, a voice remote is included, enabling Google Assistant to retrieve content with ease.

Consumers can obtain both 4K and HDR from Google’s $69 Chromecast Ultra device, with a contingency towards the content being sent over from a user’s smartphone or another device. Inversely, Android TV has a traditional streaming interface, apps, and the Google Play store built in.